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The Company
The members of Annen Technology Solutions are fully trained in the installation and implementation of all HAI products. Apart from the supply and installation of the various products, Annen Technology Solutions provides technical support to all of their clients. Each system is customized to the clients needs and desires making it more user friendly.The drive behind the company is to improve the standard of work and living by improving safety, manage energy consumption and to provide home entertainment in a user friendly and coordinated manner.

Ajesh Sharma - Founder of Annen Technology Solutions

Founded by Ajesh Sharma in 2011.Ajesh is a Systems Analyst by profession.He completed a diploma in Information Systems Management in 2002. Having worked in that field for over 11 years he is able to analyze any situation and implement a solution. He has developed into an analytical and dynamic thinker, which has prompted him to establish his very own company specializing in Home Automation which in essence includes home control products for homeowners and businesses as well as CCTV installation for both homes and businesses.

Marketing and Development









Ejaz Latib has been a software and web developer since 1995. He also has done Information System Management and has extensive knowledge and experience in working for large corporate companies like ABSA Bank, Vodacom, IS as well as small and medium size companies.He has experience in some of the most archaic programming languages like Pascal, Delphi, Cobol as well as VB.Net C# and Java. He has developed complete software systems for retail, wholesale, cars, schooling, trade unions, cellular companies and much much more.He also done website using Microsoft .Net technology SQL Server, Oracle Database as well as Joomla, Magento, Opencart, Moodle, WordPress,Prestashop and much more.

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