Annen Solutions Will Make Your Dreams of an Automated Home Come to Life.
Automated Home

Annen Solutions offers complete integrated home solutions for every lifestyle and budget with a full range of automation products. Annen SolutionsI products may be installed in new construction or retrofitted into existing homes. Wireless options are available. Annen Solutions products are designed to be integrated with an HAI Omni or Lumina home control system; however, many Annen Solutions products will work stand-alone (work without an HAI home control system).

Home Control System

Omni Touch
An HAI Omni or Lumina home control system is the brain of your automated home. It controls and monitors systems in your home to maximize your safety, comfort, convenience, and energy savings.

Easy to Use

HAI systems are simple to understand and operate, which is why they are Automation Simplified®. Even young children can learn and understand how to use the basic features of HAI products.


HAI uses embedded controller technology in its home control systems, a technology proven to be reliable with decades of use. HAI controllers have no fans, disk drives, or other moving parts to fail.

All HAI products can work in a stand-alone fashion so they are not dependent on any other products in the house, including computers. There is no single part that can cause an entire system to fail. Light switches still control the lights and thermostats still control your heating and cooling system.

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